Getting access🔗

Getting access - short version🔗

Projects on both national resources and locally funded resources are handled identically via SUPR.

  1. Join SUPR
  2. Join/apply for a compute project here
  3. Approve the user agreement here
  4. Send a "account request" for each cluster you wish to use here
  5. Wait at least 1 working day

When you have your account, please also attend the introduction seminar, or read the slides for Vera or Alvis.

Locally funded resources🔗

The locally funded resources we host are available to all researchers at Chalmers. Many departments have had their projected allocated already, and manage their members themselves via their selected Principal Investigators (PIs) in SUPR. Researchers should speak to their respective supervisor for access.

For those departments which not yet have any allocations, you should speak to your prefect who has been sent information.

We currently host one locally funded cluster:


Chalmers e-Commons/C3SE is one of six centres in the national metacenter National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden. We provide supercomputer resources, funded by NAISS, to Swedish researchers.

Senior researchers at Swedish universities are eligible to apply for access and computer time on any NAISS systems hosted by us or any other NAISS center. An approved application from a principal investigator results in a "NAISS-Project" that in turn is assigned computer time allocations on one (or several) computer systems. All proposals are handled via the NAISS rounds in SUPR

We currently host the following NAISS systems

  • Alvis - Cluster dedicated to AI and ML research
  • Mimer - Flash based fast storage connected to Alvis
  • Cephyr - CephFS based center storage connected to Alvis and Vera
  • SSC - OpenStack cluster

Applying for and getting a project🔗

If you are a senior researcher in Swedish academia you can apply for a NAISS-Project to get time allocations on NAISS supercomputer resources. The applicant of an approved Project is denoted Principal Investigator (PI). The PI must be employed at a Swedish university or university college (e.g., PhD student or higher) for the entire duration of the project.

All requests and project management is handled in SUPR. You can find all available NAISS rounds under SUPR

All users must:

  1. Be registered in SUPR You can register with your SWAMID identity if you at Chalmers or many other Swedish universities.
  2. Approve the NAISS User Agreement in SUPR. You can use SWAMID federated identity to approve the UA digitally, or you can print the paper version to submit it via post and wait for it to be processed.
  3. You can beceoma a member in existing projects by either:
    • Log in to SUPR and press "Projects" in the left-hand sidebar. There you can use "Requesting Membership in Projects" to request membership in a project. The PI of that project will then receive an email with information about the membership request. The PI will then approve or deny the request and you will be notified by email.
    • The PI of the project can add you directly to the project. You will be notified by email.
  4. You can submit a proposal for one of the NAISS rounds
  5. Once you have obtained a project or become a member, you can apply for accounts on resources in the account page

Note: You do not have to be added to the project and you do not have to have your user agreement approved before you can request an account. However you will not get an account before your project membership and user agreement has been approved.

Note: Information is synced from SUPR regurlarly, but there is some delay before it appears on the clusters. Note: Events like new accounts and projects require manual approval step before they are created on the clusters.

Export restrictions🔗

The compute resources available on the clusters may be subject to export restrictions. As a PI make sure to not allow access to the clusters in cases that would violate these restrictions. For specific cases we suggest that you consult with your legal advisor.

One possible restriction for the use of the cluster is EU export regulations for dual-use equipment (Regulation No 428/2009). An overview of countries where these restrictions apply can be found at by applying filters for "Embargo on dual-use goods" at [Menu] > [MEASURES]. As of 2023-10-04 these countries are: - Belarus - Russia - Iran - Myanmar (Burma) - Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK - North Korea)


  • Why doesn't my CID work? - Everyone has to approve the user agreement and apply for an account for the specific resource through SUPR
  • But SUPR doesn't list any possible account requests? - You must first join a project in SUPR
  • I changed my SUPR password but I still can't log into to the cluster? - The password for SUPR doesn't affect the accounts on any cluster.
  • I still can't log in. - SSH access is only granted within the Chalmers network. See this page for more information.
  • I still can't log in! - Please contact C3SE support.