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Starting license manager

Diana uses the HASP software for it's license. You must ensure that this application is started on the node you use before the Diana will find it's license.

module load HASP
hasplmd -s

In addition, the license isn't available immediately after starting HASP, so one must wait for a few seconds before starting Diana. You can do so with

sleep 5

in your jobscript.

It is highly recommended, to only run this with exclusive jobs; node sharing may mean someone else starts the license server, which is killed when their job is finished. Asking for a full node avoids these potential issues.

Starting Diana through Singularity

Newer Diana requires a newer version of glibc than what is installed on the system (which can not be upgraded). It is therefor necessary to run Diana through Singularity.

singularity exec /apps/Singularity/diana.img diana ...