There are three different situations where students have access to these clusters

  1. PhD students,
  2. Project assistant/Master's thesis student,
  3. Course participants.

PhD Students🔗

As a PhD student you are considered a junior researcher and are not affected by same limitatations as other students. You are even elligible to apply for a NAISS Small allocation, see Getting access.

Project assistant🔗

If a student is doing research for a researcher with an existing allocation. Then it is up to the PI for the project to judge whether or not this research is in the scope of the allocated project.

Students should ask their supervisor for help when needed. Only if the supervisor cannot be of help may they send in a support request together. That way the supervisor can answer that question if it arises with next years students.

Besides participating in the mandatory Introduction to Vera/Alvis courses. It is also recommended that students go through the material for Introduction to computer clusters

Course participants🔗

Parts of the hardware have been bought for educational purposes. Courses that make use of these resources have some extra restrictions compared to other resources.

  1. Students need to pass Introduction to computer clusters before being allowed access to the cluster. This is checked by the teacher of the course.
  2. Students should ask their teacher for support. And may not use the support form at supr.
  3. Students may not use ThinLinc. There is a limited amount of licenses and they should not be used for education.