C3SE is a centre for scientific and technical computing at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden. C3SE is one of six centres in the national metacenter Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing

Current systems

  • PC-cluster Hebbe for local users.
  • PC-cluster Vera for local users.
  • PC-cluster with GPU accelerators Alvis for national and local users.

C3SE is also part of SNIC Science Cloud and Swestore


Date Text
2021-10-31 After October 31st all centrally provided Singularity containers located under /apps/Singularity and /apps/nvidia-ngc-containers will be removed. You should switch to using a container available under /apps/containers/. If you need a container that isn't available under /apps/containers please notify us with a support request through https://supr.snic.se/support/ as soon as possible.
2021-06-05 There has been problems with the centre storage. Many jobs are affected as well as any activity on the login nodes. Problem is currently being worked on.
2021-03-19 One of the fuses for the incoming power triggered during the evening. Large parts of Hebbe is affected. To replace the broken part we need to drain the nodes in the affected racks and shut them down. An electrician is needed to perform the replacement.
2021-01-26 The Chalmers L2TP VPN has been updated. If you use this, you will need to generate a new pre-shared key, cf. https://it.portal.chalmers.se/itportal/Faq/VPN
2021-01-13 The Hebbe and Vera cluster will be drained of all running jobs in order to perform a global update of SLURM. During this time, some more newer OpenMPI modules will be rebuilt to address a few technical issues. Jobs that finish before 2021-01-13T09:00:00 will start, but jobs whose walltime extends beyond this point will be blocked until after the update. If you can, shorten your walltime.
2020-10-13 Alvis nodes are reinstalled to support for GPUDirect in jobs across multiple GPU nodes. This also means we have a new module tree for Alvis which already contains most of the same software. Singularity containers are not affected. Contact the support if you have any issues or need additional software installed in the new tree.

Current and upcoming events

Date Text
2021-12-07 Introduction seminar for Alvis users. In this online seminar we will show you how to use Vera. Zoom meeting will be at 13:00-17:00 here. The second part of this seminar will be an optional workshop where users can go through a tutorial with help available and on reserved nodes on Alvis. To get access to the reserved resources you need to request membership to project SNIC 2021/7-120 two days before the seminar at the latest.
2021-11-09 Introduction seminar for Vera users. In this online seminar we will show you how to use Vera. Zoom meeting will be at 13:00-15:00 here

Acknowledgement suggestion

If the results you get from using the resources at C3SE end up in a paper or are presented at a workshop or conference, C3SE kindly asks you to acknowledge C3SE. Here is a suggestion on how such an acknowledgement could be formulated:

The computations/data handling/[OR SIMILAR] were/was enabled by resources provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) at Chalmers Centre for Computational Science and Engineering (C3SE) partially funded by the Swedish Research Council through grant agreement no. 2018-05973.

If applicable, please also add:

[NAME] at is acknowledged for assistance concerning technical and implementation aspects [OR SIMILAR] in making the code run on the [OR SIMILAR] C3SE resources.