C3SE is a centre for scientific and technical computing at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden. C3SE is one of six centres in the national metacenter Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing

Current systems🔗

  • PC-cluster Vera for local users.
  • PC-cluster with GPU accelerators Alvis for national and local users.

C3SE is also part of Swedish Science Cloud and Swestore


Date Text
2024-06-24 Maintenance stop of all A100, A40 and CPU nodes on Alvis starting 13:00 as we need to replace a broken expansion valve in the central water cooling loop. Work is expected to finish quickly. Jobs with walltime that exceed this time will not start until after the stop. You can shorten your walltime and things will continue to run up until the stop.
2024-05-31 Thunderstorm killed the power in the KB computer hall, taking down all of Vera, all of Alvis phase 1.
2024-02-22 Vera system upgrades: Firmware updates, RockyLinux 8.9, Mellanox 5.8. /mimer is now mounted on Vera. /apps is mounted to a new filesystem. The module tree will change slightly. The same firmware, OS, driver upgrades will also be applied on Alvis soon.
2024-02-16 Network problem reoccurred. Problem has now been isolated to a single faulty piece of network equipment which have managed to cause massive packet loss throughout the networks. Clusters have once again been restored to functional order.
2023-11-29 Network problems brought down part of the central storage. Some jobs may have been lost and there was likely many problems logging in.
2023-09-27 The OpenOndemand portal for Vera cluster is now available at https://vera.c3se.chalmers.se. It provides a simple way to run interactive jobs on the cluster, such as jupyter notebooks, RStudio, VS code, and even a full desktop session. Anyone using srun for interactive jobs or the proxy server for running jupyter notebooks should switch to using this portal instead as it provides many advantages.
Chalmers e-Commons is still hiring.; system administrators and systems engineer.

Current and upcoming events🔗

Date Text
2024-06-19 Introduction seminar for Alvis users. In this online seminar we will show you how to use Alvis. Zoom meeting will be at 13:15-15:00 here. No registration is required.
2024-05-23 Introduction seminar for Vera users in lecture hall MVH12 at department of Mathematics at 13:15-15:00. This hybrid seminar can be joined via Zoom here. No registration is required.

Acknowledgement suggestion🔗

The recommended way to acknowledge e-Commons/C3SE (e.g. projects on Vera) is:

The computations/data handling/[SIMILAR] were/was enabled by resources provided by Chalmers e-Commons at Chalmers.

If applicable, also add an acknowledgement for application support:

"[NAME] at Chalmers e-Commons is acknowledged for assistance concerning technical and implementational aspects [OR SIMILAR] in making the code run on the [OR SIMILAR] Chalmers e-Common resources."


"We thank [NAME] at Chalmers e-Commons for [his/her] assistance with [describe tasks such as porting, code optimization, etc.]"

The recommended way to acknowledge SNIC/NAISS (e.g. projects on Alvis or other SNIC/NAISS resources) can be found on the NAISS homepage.