You can find our introduction material and general instructions for cluster usage and software in the menu on the right.

The main support channel is via the SUPR support form

We also offer advanced support, with things like workflow improvement, data management techniques, workflow automation via scripting, using software development, profiling and troubleshooting tools, etc. This is not aimed at coding help, but at more efficient use of HPC resources. If you'd like to discuss with us if there are ways to work more efficiently, don't hesitate to contact us through the C3SE support queue.

You can also visit our offices in the rooms in the Origo building. Please contact us in advance to book a time to ensure we have time to help you. Entry through Fysikgården 4 then up one floor to the 6th floor (map)

Support form🔗

To contact the support please always prefer the support form at the SUPR support form. If SUPR is inaccessible, you can also reach us via

SNIC application-support🔗

If you have an "advanced" application specific question (unrelated to any specific compute resource), there is the SNIC application-support queue. This queue is typically used for application specific questions that the systems administrator is unable to answer (hypothetical example, "is this tuning parameter in that program really supposed to have this particular effect")

Keep in mind that since this is a national support queue, the support-personnel is spread out all over Sweden, making it crucial to follow the support request guidelines.

SNIC Knowledge Base🔗

There is a SNIC Knowledge Base at