You can run COMSOL graphically through Thinlinc. It is available from the menu. If you need to start it from command line yourself, make sure to use the vglrun command, which increases the 3D drawing performance, and also eliminates some visual bugs in the 3D-view.

The basic input line would look like e.g:

comsol batch -inputfile inputfile.mph -autosave off -tmpdir $TMPDIR -np $SLURM_NPROCS

Autosaving temporary files🔗

COMSOL can save temporary files for error recovery, but will, by default, save these into ~/.comsol/. This is bad, as these files are very large and do not belong in the backup area.

comsol batch -i inputfile.mph -autosave on -recoverydir your_comsol_recovery_path/ -np $SLURM_NPROCS

You can also set the autosave functionality in the preferences for once. This is easiest done through the GUI.