Cephyr hardware

Cephyr is a storage server running Ceph.

  • In total 12 servers with a 4x25GBit/s ethernet network and a total storage area of 766TiB. More specific:
    • 7 Storage servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz and 96GB of RAM.
    • 3 Metadata servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 48GB of RAM.
    • 2 Gateway servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 96GB of RAM.

The storage is split between SNIC Science Cloud, dCache at Swestore, and a user and group storage area connected to the clusters.

Applications for group storage are managed through the SUPR round C3SE Storage. The group storage is mounted under /cephyr, and a compute project is required for access.