Cephyr hardware

Cephyr is a storage server running Ceph.

  • In total 18 servers with a 4x25GBit/s Ethernet network and a total storage area of 2.0PiB. More specific:
    • 6 Storage servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4216 CPU @ 2.10GHz and 384GB of RAM.
    • 7 Storage servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz and 96GB of RAM.
    • 3 Metadata servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 48GB of RAM.
    • 2 Gateway servers with Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 CPU @ 1.70GHz and 96GB of RAM.

The storage is split between SNIC Science Cloud, dCache at Swestore, and a user and group storage area connected to the clusters.

Applications for group storage are managed through the SUPR Storage rounds. The group storage is mounted under /cephyr, and a compute project is required for access.

Project Storage Decomissioning

Decomissioning for projects on Cephyr follow the SNIC Guidelines.

If you have received notice that your project has ended you should read the guidelines and how they affect your project data on Cephyr.

The easiest way to notify us that your project is ready to delete is to log in to SUPR and note which projects are in the decomissioning phase. In the details page of projects you may mark them as ready to delete.

If you are unsure or believe you have received a notification in error please get in touch with us.