Change of centre storage

We will replace our centre storage system Cstor (serving /c3se) with Cephyr (serving /cephyr).

New centre storage Cephyr (/cephyr)

  • The new Vera home directory on Cephyr is /cephyr/users/$CID/Vera
  • Quota: 30GiB, 60k files (backed up), shared across Hebbe and Vera $HOME.
  • Quota is enforced directly by the operating system, i.e. jobs will be prevented from writing over the quota.
  • There is and will be no personal NOBACKUP area on Cephyr. Additional storage beyond your home directory on Cephyr must be applied via storage projects! See
  • You can continue to use C3SE_quota to see your available storage areas, current usage and limits.

Old centre storage Cstor (/c3se)

  • Old areas will remain accessible in the short term, allowing for time to move files over. Both old and new areas are already directly accessible from both all Vera and Hebbe machines.
  • No automatic transfer of old data: users must move what they want to keep off the old area! (And please please delete stuff no longer needed!).
  • Everything under /c3se will be removed later this spring.